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Skyros Designs Tableware

We are so happy to be able to offer this wonderful collection of dishes and cookware from Skyros Designs. This terrific collection is made in Portugal, by talented artisans who take great pride in the exceptional quality of their products. The ceramic industry in Portugal is known to produce some of the finest products in the world. When you are entertaining guests or simply sitting down with one other person to enjoy a meal, using quality dishes is certainly a positive. It is one of those things where you might not really notice it until there is a problem, such as chipping.

With these plates and dishes, they are crafted to last, so you won't pull them out of the dishwasher and find cracks or chips, which can occur with lower quality ceramics. Each piece is made of a very strong thin body which is extremely resistant to chipping. Most of these pieces can be put in the oven up to 500 degrees, as well as the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. The versatility and durability are key factors that make these terrific pieces for your kitchen. Of course, perhaps equally important is the aesthetic appeal, and Skyros Designs hits it out of the park. The designs are timeless and elegant. Whatever dish you serve on these dishes, you'll love the way it looks! Let Skyros Designs bring the warmth, hospitality, and beauty of the Portuguese culture into your home with these serving pieces and dishes. You'll love them for years to come.


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