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Shiraleah, based in Chicago, has been working since the 1990s to bring a beautiful range of affordable, trend-driven, and environmentally friendly bags and fashion accessories to women, and we are so pleased to carry their beautiful products. The designers at Shiraleah are a leader in their category, and they use innovative materials and design to bridge the gap between classic and street style, and you'll appreciate the global flair in their designs, through color and material choices. They manage to do all that and still keep the price tag reasonable. You get unmatched quality and fashion without the high price tag! These Shiraleah bags are produced with care and consideration of the environment. For example, they create their vegan leather with pvc-free, low impact Poly Urethane (PU), which is produced according to strict European Green Emissions Standards. Unlike PVC, PU has minimal toxic output when produced, with levels even lower than natural leather tanning. They also use no-impact dyes and low emissions to further reduce their impact on our planet. So you can look great with your Shiraleah bag and also feel great that you are supporting a company that works to take care of our precious natural environment.


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