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Sass and Belle

"For the little things in life" is the mantra of the designers at Sass and Belle, and they do a great job of bringing pretty and fun little things into lives! The inspiration behind a lot of these designs comes from the two daughters of designer and founder RJB Stone. In fact, the name Sasse and Belle is derived from his daughters' names, and the fun-loving and quirky nature of his girls inspired him to bring these wonderful products to market. The Sass and Belle company is centered in the United Kingdom and we are so happy to offer these pretty items to our customers. You'll find many creative little gift ideas that can bring delight to the hearts of little girls, and also to the parents who love them! In fact, many of these little gifts are so unique, we haven't seen quite anything like them anywhere! You'll find little suitcase boxes with creative floral designs, picnic sets for those precious tea parties, and entire kitchen sets for your children to practice creating their own restaurants. All you need is imagination!


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