No. 2 Poo Pourri
No. 2 Poo Pourri Spray by Poo Pourri

No. 2 Poo Pourri

Item #   PI043

You may laugh at this product... until you try it! This is actually a revolutionary idea that will change the world forever. Never again will you experience that embarrassing, guilty feeling perhaps accompanied by a blushing face when you, through no fault of your own, need to poop. And immediately after you fill the bathroom with horrible unpleasantness, a friend or coworker needs to use the facilities! Oh how awful! And let's face it, we've all been there. We just try to pretend nothing's wrong, but we all know the deep dark truth. Well, never again! This "No. 2" Poo Pourri product is a new blend that is often favored by tweens and teens. It features a sweet bouquet of Mandarin, Bergamot, and orange, enhanced with hints of Peach and Berries. As with the original, it creates a protective film on the surface of the toilet water, which effectively eliminates any odor before it even begins. That is the key to how this works so well, it doesn't fight the odor after it has permeated the room; it actually prevents the odor from escaping in the first place! You simply spritz the product into the bowl before going. This product is great, and after you try it, you'll find it is essential. And I'm sure those who share a bathroom with you will agree wholeheartedly! This comes in four sizes (the travel and bathroom sizes feature a little metal crown charm, but not the other two sizes):
  • Purse Size - 1 ounce, up to 50 sprays. $6.95 - Sold Out
  • Travel Size - 2 ounces, up to 100 sprays. $9.95
  • Bathroom Size - 4 ounces, up to 200 sprays. Originally $14.95. - Sold Out
  • Office Size - 8 ounces, up to 400 sprays. $24.95 - Sold Out


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