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Mary Square Gifts

The story of Mary Square is inspiring. Which is in harmony with the spirit of the gifts they offer, because they are indeed designed to be "more than a gift". From the valley of a hard time in her life, Kelly Shiley created inspirational decals to help her stay focused on Scripture and keep her spirits lifted. As time went by, and through a series of blessings that touched her endeavors, the business grew. Eventually, Kelly joined with a key visionary for the blossoming company, Crystal Righton, and together, they rebranded the company as Mary Square. In fact, the name is to honor both of their grandmothers, who were named Mary. Both of these Marys were wise, strong, and loving women.

Through the years, the vision of Mary Square has held true to the mantra, "more than a gift". It is all about a belief that each product here can hopefully have a lasting impact on people's lives. So if you are looking for a special, heart-felt gift for any occasion, this is a great collection to look at! We are so excited to offer a wide range of pretty and useful items from Mary Square, from travel water bottles and mugs to sticky notes and journals.

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