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Italia CD
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The music on Italia is a beautiful compilation of relaxing and enchanting songs by some of Italy's most talented singers and songwriters. This CD is a great choice for enjoying during an Italian dinner. Many contemporary Italian artists are making a conscious effort to pay tribute to the classic Italian popular music of the 1950s, an era often referred to as “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life) after Federico Fellini’s 1960 film of the same name. During those years, American jazz was blended with Italian ballads and folk music to create carefree, romantic songs. Italia celebrates this wonderful style, along with samples of other styles of European folk music. This lovely CD, like all Putumayo CDs, includes a full color insert with notes about the artist and cultural insights and some of the lyrics.

Songs featured on Italia include:

  • 1. Simone Lo Porto • Il Girasole
  • 2. Rossomalpelo • Il Mare Mi Salva
  • 3. Alessandro Pitoni • Colpa di Coda
  • 4. Bandabardò • Il Principiante
  • 5. Giorgio Conte • Balla Con Me
  • 6. Lu Colombo & Maurizio Geri Swingtet • Gina
  • 7. Gianmaria Testa • Il Viaggio
  • 8. Lino Straulino • La Piccola Inglesina
  • 9. Rocco De Rosa • Iquique
  • 10. Marco Calliari • L'Americano
  • 11. Alessandro Mannarino • Me So Mbriacato
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