Inspiring Gift Books

A thoughtful gift book can make a heart felt gift for a special person in your life. We have a fun selection of meaningful books that can really make a difference in the life of a loved one. Take a minute to browse these books, and you might find one that would be perfect for a person in your life. You'll love our selection of gift books, featuring the "Eat Your Peas" books by author and self proclaimed dreamer Cheryl Karpen. You'll love this collection, filled with heartfelt and thoughtful words of affirmation that can really make a loved one feel special. These little books are artfully done and take about three minutes to read, but they offer a promise of affirmation and friendship that lasts forever. The Eat Your Peas collection is constantly growing, and includes Eat Your Peas books for a whole slew of different people and occasions. So go ahead and give the gift that will warm their heart and make them know how special they are to you. We also are proud to feature a whole selection of inspiring books that help you get to know a special person, like interview journals for parents, as well as inspiring books that encourage the reader to introspect into their own lives and consider the wonderful potential that the future holds.


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