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Hand and Body Cream by Barr Co

These luxurious hand and body creams are produced by K. Hall Studios, and are part of the Barr Co collection of products. The same people that produce the Simpatico line of candles and diffusers have come through again, this time with these beautiful personal care products. Care has been taken here to avoid parabens and petrochemicals, instead opting for botanical based ingredients and enriching their creams with things known to soothe skin, like colloidal oatmeal and 5% shea butter. The fragrances are all carefully blended by professionals that know how to do that sort of thing well, so go ahead and give them a try. The packaging is always timeless and pretty, so you can feel good about giving these as gifts. Be sure to also take a look at our selection of other personal care product by Barr Co.


Marine Hand and Body Cream
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