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Eat Your Peas for New Moms Giftbook

Eat Your Peas for New Moms Giftbook
Eat Your Peas for New Moms Giftbook from Eat Your Peas
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This wonderful Eat Your Peas book is filled with simple truths and happy insights to celebrate and affirm the glowing new mom. It contains many little gems of wisdom and a beautiful promise at the beginning where you can give your phone number and commit to listen whenever your friend calls to share the wonder and worries that come with motherhood. These gift books are called "3-minute forever books" because even though they only take three minutes to read, you'll want to hold onto it forever. Even the paper used in these books is special, with a heavier weight and subtle texture. Written by Cheryl Karpen and artfully illustrated by Sandy Fougner, each page in these gift books contains one uplifting message of affirmation. Here are a few:
  • Your baby is so lucky to be loved by you.
  • Be patient with yourself. This is definately on-the-job training.
  • Of course your baby is the brightest and most talented baby in the world. How could it be otherwise?

These books contain about 25 to 30 of these heart warming sentiments that are sure to bring a little light and joy to a loved one's day.

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