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Eat Your Peas Books

"We are proud to offer ""Eat Your Peas"" gift books. These delightfully thoughtful and heartfelt gifts of affirmation are filled with words that speak to the heart of the ones you love. Here's the story behind the ""Eat Your Peas"" books, as told by author Cheryl Karpen at the end of every book: Why peas? She was a vibrant, dazzling young woman with a promising future. Yet, at sixteen, her world felt sad and hopeless. I was living over 1800 miles away and wanted to let this very special young person in my life know I would be there for her across the miles and through the darkness. I wanted her to know she could call me any time, at any hour, and I would be there for her. And I wanted to give her a piece of my heart she could take with her anywhere - a reminder she was loved. Really loved. Her name is Maddy and she was the inspiration for my first PEAS book, Eat Your Peas for Young Adults. At the very beginning of her book I made a place to write in my phone number so she know I was serious about being available. And right beside the phone number I put my promise to listen - realy listen - whenever that call came. Soon after the book was published, people began to ask me if I had the same promise and affirmation for adults. I realized it isn't just young people who need to be reminded how truly special they are. We all do. Today Maddy is thriving and giving hope to others in her life. If someone has given you this book, it means you are pretty special to them and they wanted to let you know. Take it to heart. Belive it, and remind yourself often. Wishing you peas and plenty of joy. Cheryl Karpen P.S. If you are wondering why I named the collection, Eat Your Peas... it's my was of saying ""Stay healthy. I love and cherish you. I want you to live forever!"""


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