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Candles by Panier des Sens

If you are a connoisseur of candles, then you already know there is a vast range of quality when it comes to scented candles. You can find something at a big box store than sort of looks like a candle, and smells sort of, well, it has a smell. It probably burns right down the middle, and if it puts out much fragrance into the room, it will smell artificial, maybe like the cleaning product aisle from the same store. You don't want that in your home, especially when there are so many superior options out there. These luxurious candles from Panier des Sens will take your candle game to a whole new level. The ingredients are carefully selected, and these candles draw their inspiration from the natural wonders of the Provence region in France, where they are produced. The people at Panier des Sens blend the waxes from the finest hard mineral waxes, enriched with vegetable waxes, combining these to get the benefits of both. And the fragrances are true to the perfumes from which they are derived. These candles will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, rich with just the right amount of alluring fragrance. You just might turn into a connoisseur of candles the first time you burn one of these! And they make terrific gift ideas, especially for someone who might not indulge in something luxurious normally.


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