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Body Scrubs by elizabethW

A good sugar scrub is worth the time, because it can polish away dehydrated and dull skin, and leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful as ever. Of course, if you've used elizabethW products, you know they are meticulously formulated and feature wonderful fragrances that will leave you smelling terrific as well. These sugar scrubs are made with a nourishing blend of cold-pressed botanical oils as well as fine sugar granules. The sugar tends to be much more gentle on skin, compared to salts, so if your skin is sensitive, give these a try! It can gently buff away tired layers and impurities, leaving your skin exactly how it should be: soft, supple, and smooth. Just apply it to wet skin in the shower or bath, and gently massage. Rinse well, and enjoy your fresh-all-over feeling!


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