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About Elizabeth’s Embellishments

Elizabeth always knew what she liked in terms of aesthetics. Even as a young child, as her mother will tell you, she knew exactly which colors were “too sour” and which embellishments around the home were “weird” or “creepy”. And at the tender age of 20 years, she opened a little store of her own in Old Town Lafayette, Colorado. The building had a long history and required much work to beautify, but with the help of her husband, Paul, as well as her mother, Ann, carpets were torn out, walls were repainted, and floors were refinished. And the doors were opened to the public one day back in July of 2003.

The store slowly filled with more embellishments. There were gifts for women and gifts for the home. Items for the creative and crafty individual, as well as items for those that wanted something special to feather the nest with a little French-inspired style.

A lot has changed over the years since. We moved our entire store (overnight!) in the summer of 2007. Although our new location was only one block away from the old, it was a momentous feat nonetheless. The new space gave us the capacity to increase our selection and ship a much higher volume of inventory to our growing online customer base. And we were grateful to keep our local customer base by not moving too far.

Today, the store is keeping Elizabeth and Paul as busy as ever. And in 2009 (and again in 2012), a new child made life even more full and blessed. Through the years, Elizabeth’s Embellishments has grown and evolved as times have changed. But there are things that haven’t changed, and as long as our doors are open, they never will. The store will continue to be stocked with all kinds of embellishments that Elizabeth loves. Things that aren’t too “weird” or “creepy”, hopefully! And we will always be deeply grateful for our customers, because we know you have choices, and we are honored when you choose Elizabeth’s Embellishments for your decorating and gifting needs.