Em-bel-lish: v. 1. To add beauty or ornamentation; decorate. 2. To heighten the interest . . .

Welcome to Elizabeth's Embellishments, where you’ll find wonderful details inspired by all things French, cottage, and uniquely beautiful. At Elizabeth's Embellishments our philosophy is all about surrounding yourself with pretty furnishings and light cheerful colors that make you feel happy. It is about celebrating the vintage and romantic. And it is about combining the chic and feminine with just the right amount of shabby to remind us of a country garden.

And Embellishments are so much more than home decor. Embellishments can be anything from generously scented candles that fill your home with delightful fragrance to the perfect picture frame to hold a cherished photo. They can be fine French ribbon perfectly decorating a special gift or a gorgeous crystal chandelier over the bathtub. So, whether you are looking for gifts to embellish your friendships or accessories to embellish yourself, you’ll want to explore our store!

Frasier Fir Wood Lantern and Candle Set
Added: Nov 6, 2018
White Snow Owl Peace on Earth Gift Bag
Added: Nov 5, 2018
Tree of Life Tri-fold Wallet
Added: Nov 5, 2018
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