Candle Lanterns and Chandeliers

Nothing adds beautiful ambiance to a space like the flickering flames of candles. Here you'll find wonderful pieces like candle lanterns and candle chandeliers that make wonderful decorative additions to any room. So get inspired to use candles in your decor with these gorgeous candle lanterns and chandeliers.
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Antique White Candle Chandelier Glass Hobnail Candle Lantern Red Candle Lantern
Small White and Gold Birdcage Pillar Holder White and Gold Scroll Pillar Candle Holder White and Gold Scroll Pillar Lantern
List price: $70.95
save 35%
Birdcage Candleholder Manzanita Square Candle Chandelier Manzanita Round Candle Chandelier
List price: $96.95
save 35%
Heart and Bird Tealight Candle Holder Scrap Metal Candle Holder Metal Star Lantern
List price: $116.95
save 35%
List price: $45.95
save 34%
List price: $15.95
save 37%
Metal and Glass Votive Hanger Gazebo Candle Lantern Antique Champagne Beaded Tealight Chandelier
List price: $57.95
save 56%
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