"In Our Home..." Sanctuary Wooden Tag Sign
"In Our Home..." Sanctuary Wooden Tag Sign from Danielson Designs

"In Our Home..." Sanctuary Wooden Tag Sign

Item #   DD651

This unique large tag sign has a simple design with elegant black script reading "In our home, please don't worry about the proper way of doing things. While we're together, your way is our way. If you want to laugh... laugh out loud. If you want to open up... your opinion is always welcome. Feel free to be yourself, because there's a place for you at our table." What a beautiful and thoughtful message for your guests. Why not put this in a guest room so visitors know just how welcome they are! The tag design is very stylish and hangs from a rope. Made by Danielson Designs in Colorado, this large tag sign is made using recycled wood and environmentally friendly materials. This large tag sign measures about 11" wide by 23.75" tall.
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